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Saint Ann Foundation

Abel Robert Ssekayombya
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Worum geht es im Projekt?

Our project goal is achieved by getting volunteers to take part in our set projects.

You can for exampleA volunteer makes valuable role as a teaching volunteer will make a significant impact on the lives of children in local schools with limited resources, help build their confidence and individual potential outside the classroom.

Wie kannst Du helfen?

Whether you want to volunteer abroad by teaching during your gap year, career break, or vacation you will have a role to play, and your efforts will make a lasting impact. The teaching placement is in kindergarten, lower grades and primary schools in Nangabo sub-county, in the pri-urban areas of Kampala City. Volunteers with personal experience in special education can also bring their skills and initiatives to bear as they help create lesson plans and activities for their unique lessons. You will as well gain hands-on experience and have lots of fun working in this project.

Organisation & Einsatzort

Saint Ann Foundation (SAF) operates in rural Uganda, with a special focus on children, girls and women, Economic Empowerment, improving educational opportunities, child protection (prevention and treatment of child abuse), nutrition/feeding, and Health (SRHR & WASH) to the least privileged. This focus extends beyond providing school supplies to students; in order to increase opportunity for these at-risk children, the SAF develops inclusive programs designed to make all community members agents of change. The SAF provides educational opportunities to adults in the community in order to increase access to microfinance opportunities for parents, parenting classes, and training aimed towards decreasing violence directed towards young girls. Our mission is to work towards ensuring the most vulnerable children, youth, and women have access to basic necessitates such as food, shelter and healthcare, education, cultural arts and music, sports, socio-economic participation, and community support. To achieve this we foster international cooperation, community based development and cross cultural programs to ensure that all children have access to an enriched education and future opportunities. Above all, we believe “Education attainment is an important predictor of future employment, welfare, and health prospects – and it improves [a person’s] ability to contribute socially and economically in the community.” The Saint Ann Foundation was founded in 2016 by Abel Robert Ssekayombya. The eponym of the SAF was the founder's aunt (Ann), who raised Abel when he was orphaned in 1999, ensuring he had access to healthcare, food, shelter, clothing and a quality education. Abel was not the only child under Ann’s care: over the years she took-in approximately 20 children, using her scant wages and sometimes loans to provide for them. After Abel earned his B.A in Social Sciences, he wanted to ensure his aunt’s legacy continued. He has witnessed children living in poverty in both rural and urban areas of Uganda. Without intervention, he knew many of the children would end up as impoverished young parents (as his parents had), that many of the children living on the streets were in danger of being victimized by sex trafficking and that without an education and access to healthcare, most would die young. He decided to establish a nonprofit in the name of his Auntie Ann as “Saint Ann Foundation”, to promote her legacy of supporting children, with a special emphasis on girls and young women in need because they are often the most vulnerable. The SAF was officially registered as a Non-Profit Company and NGO in 2017 with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and National Non-Government Organization Bureau and in the USA (501(C)3 with Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Saint Ann Foundation carries out its activities in remote, pre-urban areas in the Wakiso, Kampala and Mpigi Districts of Uganda with the mandate to operate country wide especially hard to reach areas. Under their goal of providing access to education, SAF has provided 107 children with school supplies, established two schools in rural Uganda (including the construction of one school), and one kindergarten in a more urban area of Uganda, actively teach 75 children, are able to fund salaries for five teachers and have ensured that the schools had furnishing, latrines and kitchens. In 2017, SAF established a child sponsorship project resulting in 43 children receiving scholarships. Between 2017-2020, SAF also worked towards the goal of providing food and shelter to children in the communities it serves. 105 children were provided with three meals a day, as were 10 families. The Saint Ann Foundation provides shelter for 30 children and provides clothing for another 89 children. In order to ensure the sustainability of the organization's ability to feed children in their community, ten acres of land were purchased and community training in agriculture was established. Today, those acres of land are home to goats, chickens, pigs, cattle and banana trees. In addition to food and shelter, the SAF partners with the Alpine Clinic in Kasangati to provide healthcare to children, particularly during outbreaks of malaria and other infectious diseases (most recently COVID-19). Part of empowering children to become agents of change in their own communities, is the development of pride and ownership in their villages. Since 2017, the SAF has offered after school programs in music, dance and drama. To date, 71 children both boys and girls with the majority being girls, have benefitted from this program, learning valuable skills while being provided a safe place to remain after school and during holidays. By keeping children busy and fed, the SAF is keeping these children off of the streets and eliminating the need for them to beg for food and money. The Saint Ann Foundation hosts international volunteers, many of whom increase their impact through their targeted project fundraising. These efforts resulted in the SAF receiving $50,000 in donations in 2017 and another $25,000 in 2019. The Saint Ann Foundation has partnered with the following organizations: Operation Give, Amazon Smile, End Violence against children. Bridge of Hope (Global), making a Difference in Uganda, Sickle Cell Care Foundation, Burners without Borders, and Alpine Clinic Kasangati.
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