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87 Aufrufe
erstellt am 09.07.2020
aktualisiert am 17.05.2022

ReDI School of Digital Integration

Pierluigi Delgiudice
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Worum geht es im Projekt?

ReDI School goes to NRW and starts a new school in Düsseldorf in September 2020. We are thrilled about the opportunity to connect with future tech talents in this important region of Germany. Did you know, North Rhine-Westphalia calls itself the Diversity State? We think it’s high time for us to start building a ReDI community here. Due to a “blended learning” concept, a mix of online courses and face-to-face classes, students located in neighboring cities such as Cologne, Essen, Duisburg, and Bonn will be able to join too.

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Or contact Solène : [email protected]

Wie kannst Du helfen?

ReDI School is looking for volunteer teachers in a variety of key IT skills. If you hold experience in web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React) or web design (UX design) and want to join the ReDI adventure, apply to our volunteer program!

Other ways to volunteer Volunteers who can serve as mentors for our students, by providing personalised meetings once a month for a period of 6 months minimum.

HR experts who can provide ad hoc coaching sessions for our students.

Corporate ambassadors who can promote the work of ReDI School inside their organization, and facilitate interviews for internships and jobs for our students and alumni.

Commitment​ The courses at ReDI School will take place over 4 months at a time, with 2 lessons per week. Volunteer teachers will be organized in teams, so they have more flexibility. As a volunteer teacher at ReDI School, you should be able to set aside one evening per week, for 2 hours of preparation and coordination followed by 2 hours of classes.

Organisation & Einsatzort

ReDI School of Digital Integration
Die ReDI School of Digital Integration wurde 2016 als Programmierschule für Geflüchtete und Migrant*innen gegründet. Die ReDI-Schule lehrt Technologie, um Barrieren abzubauen und die digitalen Führungskräfte von morgen zu verbinden. Dabei setzen wir Technik ein, um menschliches Potenzial und Möglichkeiten mit Würde und Demut zu verbinden.