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Worum geht es im Projekt?

PROJECT-E is an International NGO aimed at supporting and empowering the lives of young Ethiopian women, by providing high-quality education through our vocational training program. Our goal is to make a lasting impact by increasing the skillset and knowledge of our students.

Wie kannst Du helfen?

We are looking for a self-driven Web Administrator to join our Public Relations Department. You will be joining a friendly and supportive team of web-based volunteers, where you will be responsible for the maintenance, revision, and design of our PROJECT-E website.

Organisation & Einsatzort

We want to make an impact – a lasting one. Empowering Ethiopian women through education doesn’t only help those individuals but the entire society. Higher education as key to economic development and ultimately the escape from poverty – that is what we have dedicated ourselves to. Increasing the skill and knowledge level of women is our ultimate goal in order to enable them to live an independent and self-determined life.