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352 Aufrufe
erstellt am 04.05.2017
aktualisiert am 06.01.2023

Give Something Back To Berlin e.V.

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Worum geht es im Projekt?

The Open Music School is a musical knowledge and skill-sharing project that aims to support diversity in the music scene of Berlin and beyond. The project focuses on the inclusion and empowerment of migrants, marginalised people, and those seeking a positive social network in Berlin. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute to the Open Music School activities regardless their gender, nationality, ethnicity or migration status. Participation is free of charge. Our talented volunteers develop and run workshops and weekly classes from guitar, to ukulele, to electronic music production. Several musical branches formed within the Open Music School such as the Open Music Lab, that focuses on electronic music production and released their first participant-made compilation album in September 2020. In 2017, the Open Music School won Berlin Music Commission’s “Listen to Berlin” Award.

Wie kannst Du helfen?

There are different ways how you could participate in our project:

  • Become a teacher! We are always looking for friendly, passionate and patient people who have a reasonably good understanding of their instrument to join our pool of teachers. You do NOT have to be an expert or have years of teaching experience.
  • Sign up as a student! EVERYONE is welcome to join our classes. We have people from so many nationalities and cultural backgrounds sharing and learning with us. Its really a beautiful thing. If you are shy, you don’t have to speak. If you are looking for new friends, you might find them here! Our classes are relaxed, social, and a safe place for all.
  • Donate instruments! The GSBTB - Open Music School could not have begun without generous donations of instruments from some awesome people. We are constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of our community and instrument donations help us to offer free tuition to more and more people.




Give Something Back To Berlin e.V.

Give Something Back To Berlin is the largest project platform and network that makes social engagement and neighborhood work accessible to the large migrant population of Berlin. Our hundreds of volunteers come from over 60 countries, including the US, Sudan, Poland, Syria, Hong Kong, Israel and Brazil, with all different backgrounds and stories. Some are privileged enough to be able to work and travel anywhere they want. Others have refugee status and don’t even know if they can stay in the country. We call ourselves “50 shades of immigrants”, but the way we see it we are all neighbors, both in Berlin, and on this one planet. First and foremost, we are all people who want create change and positive outcomes on different societal challenges.
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