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513 Aufrufe
erstellt am 27.10.2022
aktualisiert am 20.12.2022

InterFem Collective e.V.

Gina Farrow
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Worum geht es im Projekt?

We are a very new association that aims to empower FLINTA* folks, especially BIPoC migrants and refugees through artistic expression and activism. We have already launched our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook. You can find us by following the handle @interfemcollective. We have limited capacities in creating content and so we would appreciate your support in promoting:

  • artists and their artwork, 
  • important issues for the community,  
  • the association and its work
  • how we can empower and strengthen the artistic feminist community

We are also open to new members. If you have ideas for projects or would like to be part of our Verein you are very welcome!

Wie kannst Du helfen?

Do you want to make an impact in our organisation?

Do you want to know how you  can support us with Social Media? 

Here are some examples of what you can do!

  • Brainstorm with us about potential ideas for posts that are relevant to our goals and to the community
  • Create grahics or videos for our social media channels
  • Researching about interesting topics and produce content (e.g. texts)
  • Creating a tik tok channel
  • Helping to set up tour Website, we have our texts ready but we need someone to help us insert them into a template.

If you have 2hours per week available and you think you can contribute to any of the points above, contact us.  

Also, if  you have any idea and expertise of your own, we are happy to hear about it!

Join the InterFem wave!


InterFem Collective e.V.

InterFem Collective is a Berlin-based activist intersectional feminist association that aims to empower BIPOC and migrant FLINTA* folks through artistic expression, such as theater, filmmaking, choreography, writing, painting and create an intersectional community. Our activities are from and for FLINTA* artists and people, who are open to exploring themselves through art. (FLINTA*: Femininities, Lesbian, Inter*, Non-binary, Trans, Agender and *other identities.)

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