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2042 Aufrufe
erstellt am 09.08.2018
aktualisiert am 06.01.2023

Imagine Foundation e.V.

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Worum geht es im Projekt?

Our mission is supporting global talent to uncover their potential and path the way towards opportunity in Europe. To accomplish it and continuously impact people's lives, we count on the precious help of volunteer hands. If you enjoy having contact with people over the world, want to make a profound difference in their lives, and learn from their inspiring stories, then join us today!

Wie kannst Du helfen?

Recruiting, media communication, marketing, fundraising, coaching - write us a message and find out more about the tasks!




We imagine a new world. A world where people freely unfold their talents. A world in which talented people from outside Europe move effortlessly towards opportunity. A world in which our firms tap into new sources of talent. A world in which Europe becomes a beacon of light and opportunity for young global talent.
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