EuroAfrica Magazine Online: Positive Africa You Never See!

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180 Aufrufe
erstellt am 24.06.2021
aktualisiert am 06.01.2023

EuroAfrica Media Network - Magazine

Chris Ezeh
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Worum geht es im Projekt?

A project of the EuroAfrica Media Network, our Magazine was the first African owned online English/German Magazine launched in May, 2004 to report the “Unreported Africa You Never See on TV”. There is more to Africa than negative images and negative news. Africa is not synonymous with diseases, disasters and wild animals roaming in the Savannah. We showcase “positive news and images of Africa behind the news”.

Wie kannst Du helfen?

Translations de-en and en-de, researches and analysis, news writing, web-publishing, video creations and editing, photography, interviews, project & programme planning, social media management and promotions.




EuroAfrica Media Network - Magazine

EUROAFRICA MEDIA NETWORK SEMINARS: Our seminars aim at improving the social competence necessary for contact with people from other cultures. EUROAFRICA-MAGAZINE ONLINE: Discover the positive Africa never shown on TV. EuroAfrica Magazine Online in today's Europe is not to be missed if you are looking for one of the most important African voices in the Diaspora. EuroAfrica Media Network advocates for media, incultural health, and intercultural competence training in Germany and worldwide. Goal: Positive presentation of Africa in world media.
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