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Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer
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Worum geht es im Projekt?

FrauenLoop fills the gap between technology, women and computer programming competence. We train EU resident and immigrant women to participate in the digital economy. Our belief is that women who change country, status, or careers demonstrate creativity and resilience. These characteristics can drive rich contributions to the tech industry. In an age where digitalization affects nearly every aspect of life, our program builds women's competence, community, and connections in tech.

Since 2016, FrauenLoop has developed a custom mix of evening classes and weekend workshops to fill the gaps that most intensive programs do not. Using Python, JavaScript, Git, SQL, HTML and CSS, we offer applied, hands-on learning and professional coaching. From industry-focused classes to small-group workshop exercises, we know the tech industry and what it takes to get into it, coming from a different career, from a break, or from academia. Our expertise is in training women:

  • career-changers
  • immigrants
  • parents (or as any combination of these)

German or Ghanaian, Turkish, Venezuelan or Syrian, FrauenLoop empowers the women we train and the companies that hire them to build tech solutions for a broad global audience. Our program was created to leverage the best tech industry practices while avoiding common industry pitfalls. We don't use buzzwords or call our program a 'bootcamp.' We also don't consider our work to be charity, since the principal effort at FrauenLoop comes from women who are working to establish or re-establish themselves professionally.

FrauenLoop strives to maintain a mentor team that is representative of the women we train. We empower women to enter the global tech industry without regard to age, race, immigration background, family-status, sexual orientation, or religion.

Wie kannst Du helfen?

Join this project as a mentor and help teach EU resident and immigrant women to participate in the digital economy!

We are currently providing courses remotely, therefore, it would be very helpful if interested people have the following skills: - fluent in English language (all courses are held in English) - advanced knowledge in programming languages like HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React or other Data languages like Python, SQL, and PowerBI - current experience in the Tech-area and positive, inspiring perspectives




FrauenLoop is a registered German non-profit organization and a United States-registered 501(c)(3) corporation that was founded to expand the number of qualified women entering jobs in the tech industry. Our mission is to train women with resident, immigrant, refugee, non-science, or family-status backgrounds who might otherwise face obstacles to starting or re-entering professional tech industry roles. We are tech industry professionals who care about technology, inclusion, and equal access to economic opportunity. Our approach connects women career-changers to jobs in web development, data analytics, software quality assurance, and big data machine learning through classes, career workshops and representative mentoring. By training talented women so as to diversify our industry, our goal is to contribute to making technology teams, products and services more reflective of the communities we actually live in.
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