Volunteer Voices

GoVolunteer's mission is to serve our society as a whole and support everyone who is committed to social action. To make sure that we are on the right track, we constantly interact with our community and value their feedback. Here are some statements from the last months that moved us:

  • “Awesome! A very important topic – well-addressed and smartly executed!” – Derya from Cologne, 39
  • “Such a great concept! Making it easy for volunteers to find the right time and place to help.” – Janina from Hannover, 22
  • “Finally, an initiative that supports volunteer engagement in a targeted and sustainable manner. Here, any integration project finds the assistance that it needs. Great work, keep it up!” – Marc from Munich, 37
  • “Super initiative! Helping becomes so much easier. Everyone can directly see what is possible and what is needed. Top!” – Franka from Berlin, 33
  • “It has never been easier to go out and help. Clear Website - sign in for a project and start doing something special.” – Léna from Leipzig, 26
  • “I love it that you stand up for diversity and compassion!” – Juli from Berlin, 45
  • “It is amazing how such a complex idea as diversity could be put to life in such an incredible, lively yet simple way, accessible to everyone, with a powerful message.” – Georgette from Damascus, 35
  • “Supporting these projects! Great to see such volunteering campaigns with strong impact on integration and society!” – Maru from San Diego, 21
  • “Important and wonderful work - thank you!” – Friederike from Hamburg, 31

Is your statement missing here? Tell us what you think. Write us an email through [email protected] or directly leave your review on the GoVolunteer Facebook Page.