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GoVolunteer stands for an active society. We want to make volunteering part of everyone’s daily life – by making it easy and rewarding.

Our mission

We give every single person the opportunity to actively shape our society. Many hands can do a lot of good: We link the unique potential of volunteers to the needs of social initiatives. And more than that: By connecting people and encouraging collaboration for a common goal, we help our community grow together.
GoVolunteer pursues five impact goals:

  • Involve everyone – We motivate as many people as possible to play an active role in society and transform their unique potential into social action.
  • Support social initiatives – We facilitate and support social projects working with volunteers (especially those which focus on integration and equal opportunities).
  • Activate companies and their staff – We remind businesses of their social responsibilities and help them to get active.
  • Integrate refugees and migrants – We help newcomers to enter the job market and actively participate in society through volunteer work.
  • Establish a new volunteering culture – We encourage an active society in which everyone contributes and shapes our community.

What we do

GoVolunteer connects volunteering projects and social initiatives with people who want to help. For us, transparency and easy access are key: At anyone can quickly find a social project matching their skills and interests and directly get active.

  • For volunteers – Discover the whole variety of volunteering activities, find a project that matches your interests and register with just one click.
  • For organizers – Present your project to a wide audience and quickly find suitable volunteers, supporters or collaboration partners.
  • For businesses – Find out how your company can help and connect with themost impactful corporate volunteering projects.

Our achievements

Since October 2015, we successfully connect volunteers and projects, support initiatives via networking and coaching, and publicly advocate for social action and integration work. The Federal Commissioner for Migration and Refugees has distinguished GoVolunteer as an important engine for integration.

  • More than 3,000 social projects and events in 100 cities across Germany on
  • Over 120,000 users and up to 3,000 daily page views (nearly a third of GoVolunteer’s users have a migration or refugee background)
  • Focus on integration activities enabling newcomers and locals to meet at eye-level: e.g., sports and leisure, mentoring, child care, female empowerment, job market integration, language training, legal advice, medical care and many more
  • GoVolunteer is currently expanding its scope to all areas of social action: beyond integration projects, our users can find a large variety of opportunities to get active: from elderly care, youth work, empowerment, protection of minorities to environmental conservation and animal welfare.
  • As initiator of Helfer-Allianz, GoVolunteer drives transparency, exchange and collaboration between digital integration initiatives all across Germany

Our story

GoVolunteer was born when Malte noticed the desire of many citizens to help the large number of refugees that arrived to Germany. Malte, a seasoned volunteer himself, was inspired by the amount of people who were ready to do something for those in need. But he also observed that the huge readiness to help was losing its power because many potential volunteers didn’t know where to start, what to do, or how to get active. So he began to pair those who wanted to volunteer with the initiatives which needed support. This was the first seed of GoVolunteer, a go-to place where everyone could discover the whole variety of activities needed and learn how they could make the best contribution with their individual skills and interests.
GoVolunteer started in August 2015, and by the end of that year, Henryk joined Malte as a co-founder, contributing his experience from previous participations in successful startup ventures in the social sector. From the start, Malte and Henryk believed that many small donations of time would build up to a significant impact, and that only through a widespread culture of active participation big societal challenges like integration could be mastered. Newcomers and locals would have to meet and get to know each other. How to achieve this better than by motivating both sides to work together for a common goal? Today, GoVolunteer is bringing this idea to reality by offering the opportunity for anyone to take action and to make a difference through meaningful volunteer engagement.

Our founders

Our founding team drives GoVolunteer's strategic and organizational development building on years of professional experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Leading successful teams and driving execution to impact are part of our professional DNA.

Malte Bedürftig (CEO) is an expert on migration issues and passionate people manager. He founded GoVolunteer in 2015 and has been heading the NGO since then. Prior to that, he was a consultant in the public and social sector, focusing on issues around migration, youth unemployment, and the impact of digital technology. He holds a Master in Economics (Economic Development) from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Being an avid volunteer and driving social change from his youth, Malte has led several volunteer initiatives working on integration efforts in Berlin. His vision for GoVolunteer is to promote an active society in which everyone can transform their unique potential into social action. You can contact Malte via email and follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Henryk Seeger (CFO) is a seasoned entrepreneur who knows how to put new ideas into practice – by rallying all the support that is needed. Henryk was a founding member of Germany’s most successful social startup DEUTSCHLAND RUNDET AUF ("Germany rounds up"). He has been involved in the social sector for many years and has built up a wide network of supporters and advisors. At GoVolunteer, he draws on his network and experience by developing the fundraising and go-to-market strategy. He is managing relations to funding partners and collaborators from both the private and the non-profit sector. You can contact Henryk via email.

Picture: The founders of GoVolunteer – Malte Bedürftig (left) and Henryk Seeger
Picture: The founders of GoVolunteer – Malte Bedürftig (left) and Henryk Seeger
Deutscher Integrationspreis - Gewinner 2017