Terms and conditions of use

The following provisions govern the use of the online volunteer coordination portal between GoVolunteer as platform service provider and the users. All users must accept the terms and conditions of use upon registration.

1. Registration and user account

1.1 Prior registration is required before using the forum and community. All data necessary for registration must be complete and accurate.

1.2 A user name must be chosen upon registration. It is not permitted for the user name to contain any discriminatory, racist, anti-Semitic, right-wing extremist or other radical statements, words, terms, characters, codes or elements.

1.3 A valid email address must be entered and a password chosen to register. The password must be kept secret and its disclosure to third-parties is not permitted.

2. GoVolunteer's services

2.1 Within its technical and economic capabilities, GoVolunteer provides free of charge a platform for the exchange of offers by organizations and people willing to and in need of help. Under the present terms and conditions of use, GoVolunteer allows its users to publish posts on its website. By uploading his or her contents, the user grants GoVolunteer the right to make the post permanently accessible and to have his or her post reclassified between different categories or to have it linked to other offers and requests.

2.2 Furthermore GoVolunteer endeavors to maintain service availability at all times. Access to the portal can be restricted for the purpose of maintenance or for security reasons. Users have no claim to the uninterrupted availability of our service.

3. Duties of users

General terms and conditions

Users of the website must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity to contract. The user assures that he or she will refrain from making erroneous or misleading statements and that he or she will in particular refrain from signing in using false identities. This does not apply to fields/forms relating to forums in which it is permitted to use a pseudonym as a name.

The user undertakes an obligation not to post any content that:

1. is untrue whether willfully or through negligence

2. is of an offensive, threatening, coercing, defamatory, indecent, and/or pornographic nature or that glorifies violence

3. is racist, hatred-inciting, anti-constitutional and/or otherwise of a legally punishable/or unlawful nature

4. violates prevailing laws, especially but not limited to third-party industrial rights, copyrights, distinctive signs, patents, trade marks or ancillary copyrights, personal rights or ownership rights to which he or she is not entitled

5. contains links or similar information/references or that is apt for impairing the functionality of third-party data processing equipment, in particular but not limited to computers.

In the event of infringements of these and/or the following terms and conditions concerning the posting of content/images/videos the account holder is held personally liable and GoVolunteer is entitled to block or remove content without the user's prior notification and in particular without stating reasons. Unlawful posts will be deleted immediately.

Granting of rights

By publishing content (images, videos, posts) the user assures that he or she is the owner of all rights to said content, in particular but not limited to copyrights. If the user is not the direct owner of the rights to the content that he or she has posted, he or she assures that he or she has obtained all necessary assignments of rights, licenses, permissions, consent and the like. If the user infringes against one or several of these assurances he or she releases GoVolunteer from any liability toward third parties and holds GoVolunteer harmless without restrictions.

Other provisions

1. GoVolunteer does not accept any commercial offers. It is not permitted for the services and donations offered by users to be rendered in exchanged for financial compensation.

2. All users undertake an obligation not to publish any content or disseminate any content in the messaging system that

2.a. is in violation of legal provisions or moral standards,

2.b. infringes third-party rights, in particular but not limited to copyrights and trademarks,

2.c. contains discriminatory, racist, anti-Semitic, right-wing extremist or other radical statements, words, terms, characters, codes or elements,

2.d. distributes or disseminates spam, chain letters, commercial advertising, pay-per-call telephone numbers, subscription traps, pyramid schemes,

2.e. attacks the functionality of the portal through manipulation, cyberattacks, viruses or other technologies

2.f. attempts to collect profile data, in particular but not limited to e-mail address and user-related data, using automated mechanisms or software.

3. It is not permitted to place links to other websites, banners, scripts in the offers and requests.

4. Users undertake an obligation to post offers in the appropriate categories.

5. It is not permitted to post offers that violate legal provisions. It is not permitted for offers to refer in particular but not limited to medicinal products, weapons, ammunition, animals, drugs, alcohol, anesthetic products, pirate copies, counterfeits, items marked by the regulatory authorities or that can only be brought into circulation under certain conditions or with age restrictions.

6. In the event of violations of the terms and conditions of use GoVolunteer reserves the right to change or remove the posts in question, to temporarily block the user's access or to permanently delete his or her user profile. If GoVolunteer incurrs damages due to the violation of the terms and conditions of use the user who is in violation of the terms and conditions is obligated to compensate GoVolunteer.

4. Termination of a user's membership

4.1 Every user can immediately terminate his or her membership through a corresponding declaration to us. The user's access will subsequently be blocked and the profile together with the personal data deleted.

4.2 We are entitled to immediately block a user's access for due cause and to terminate his or her membership without notice.

5. Limitations of liability

5.1 No assurance is given for the accuracy, currency, completeness or quality of the third-party content and offered services and donations exchanged through GoVolunteer. The handling of offers is subject to the normal legal provisions between the users of GoVolunteer.

5.2 Claims against GoVolunteer for damages are excluded unless stipulated otherwise in the following. This does not apply to claims for damages in connection with injury to life, limb or health and claims for damages due to the breach of significant contractual obligations. Liability also holds for damages in connection with willful or grossly negligent violation of obligations by GoVolunteer.

6. Changes to or discontinuation of service

6.1 GoVolunteer is entitled to make changes to the service offered at any time.

6.2 Furthermore, GoVolunteer is entitled to partially or fully discontinue the website's operation and thus the service. GoVolunteer undertakes an obligation to delete all user-created content and personal data in the event that the service is discontinued.

7. Final provisions

GoVolunteer reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of use at any time without the need to specify grounds for the changes, e.g., to address changes to the law, changes to the service or gaps in the provisions.