volunteering opportunity in education, aid to children and social work in Togo (West Africa)

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Causes We Support

  • Children & Youths
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Education & Language

Skills Required

  • Any Help is Welcome

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French

How does our project achieve its goal?

This program is a very challenging and rewarding field that demands a lot of patience, care, love, understanding, open mind and a willing heart. A volunteer’s responsibilities depend to our organization and partners (orphanages, preschool and child care) needs. Tchewai children’s sponsorship program aim at the provision of education opportunities, access to health services, safe environment and nutrition to orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Program Objectives
-To offer support…

What will volunteers be doing?

In most cases volunteers work abroad in Togo involves participatory:
At the orphanage and in the preschool
- studying with children,
- babysitting, cooking and feeding,
- helping the younger children to learn how to use the toilet, maintaining hygiene,
- Assisting students with their homework.

On the child sponsorship program and in the Tchewai office
- Administrative management (identification of new cases, assembly of sponsorship files, search for sponsors and others ...) of the sponsors…

Project location


TCHEWAI can be summarized in two words: “A better future”. TCHEWAI is an social and humanitarian organization based in West – Africa in Lomé , the capital of Togo. The aim of TCHEWAI is to promote and further develop the country within the socio-economic, cultural and educational areas.
This small organization is an active participant in a number of projects connected with local economic, social, cultural and environmental development with a human, material and financial restricted capital. The …