Open Music

  • Berlin
  • Give Something Back To Berlin e.V.
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Causes We Support

  • Arts & Culture
  • Health

Skills Required

  • Creativity & Design
  • Teaching & Nursing

Languages Spoken

  • German
  • English

How does our project achieve its goal?

1. Music Tuition

We offer a variety of completely FREE, weekly group classes run by talented volunteers who are musicians themselves. These groups focus on providing supportive and creative environments for people of any gender, nationality, ethnicity or migrational status to learn together. More advanced students are often encouraged to act as teachers’ aids and/or translators, thus creating a communal skill-sharing group free from hierarchy, where everyone has something to offer.

Current wee…

What will volunteers be doing?

Become a teacher!
We are always looking for friendly, passionate and patient people who have a reasonably good understanding of their instrument to join our pool of teachers. You do NOT have to be an expert or have years of teaching experience. Contact Tom Young.

Sign up as a student!
EVERYONE is welcome to join our classes. We have people from so many nationalities and cultural backgrounds sharing and learning with us. Its really a beautiful thing. If you are shy, you don’t have to speak. If y…

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About Give Something Back To Berlin e.V.

Give Something Back To Berlin is the largest project platform and network that makes social engagement and neighborhood work accessible to the large migrant population of Berlin.

Our hundreds of volunteers come from over 60 countries, including the US, Sudan, Poland, Syria, Hong Kong, Israel and Brazil, with all different backgrounds and stories. Some are privileged enough to be able to work and travel anywhere they want. Others have refugee status and don’t even know if they can stay in the co…