Contributing to the refugee crisis through book arts

  • Berlin
  • The Universal Fairytale
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Causes We Support

  • Children & Youths
  • Arts & Culture
  • Refugees & Migration
  • Education & Language

Skills Required

  • Any Help is Welcome

Languages Spoken

  • German
  • English
  • German (beginner)

How does our project achieve its goal?

I created a non-profit arts organization which I contribute a database of my book arts, translations in German, English, Turkish, French, Polish, Chinese and Arabic. I give free workshops in communities. I am now focusing on refugees and activities which benefit mothers and children in their plight to integrate into their new communities. I am also encouraging these communities to learn about their new cultural contributors in the process as a cultural circle

What will volunteers be doing?

At the moment we have several focuses for which we would most gladly appreciate voluntary contribution towards:
1) We are creating a workspace from recycled shipping containers in Berlin. This will be the location of our Faerie Tale FabLab as well as being our central workspace.
2) Acquiring audio recordings of the faerie tale in numerous languages to contribute to the database site which will be published online this upcoming winter.
3) Coding for the database website.
4) Revising workshop pl…

Project location

About The Universal Fairytale

Kurz zusammengefasst ist "The Universal Fairytale" ein Kunst- und Kultur Projekt, worin ich Menschen mit keinen oder wenigen deutschen Sprachkenntnissen mithilfe von Bastelworkshops und Theaterkursen an die deutsche Sprache heranführe. "The Universal Fairytale" ist ein anerkanntes UNESCO Kulturprojekt aus Schottland und soll nun so bald wie möglich in Berlin Anwendung finden.

Zunächst möchte ich mich gerne vorstellen: ich bin Forscherin und Künstlerin und arbeite an der Universität Glasgow an m…