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Causes We Support

  • Community
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education & Language
  • Good Volunteering

Skills Required

  • Creativity & Design
  • Programming
  • Finance & Fundraising
  • PR & Communication

Languages Spoken

  • English

How does our project achieve its goal?

Reaching a higher level of consciousness, throughout reading materials shared between members of society.

Bookla is a platform that is about making a shared library of books for the people
in cities over the globe;

So, If you live in Berlin, you can look for books let's say in chinese, and what you
can do is that you can search the library, find the book you are looking for, then borrow it from the owner, or reclaim it.

As a book owner, you borrow, or give away books in your language. Be it…

What will volunteers be doing?

- Marketing
- Design (UI/UX)
- Programming (Frontend/Mobile)
- Programming (Backend) - Python, PHP, Node.Js over TypeScript

All experience levels are welcome!

Project location

About Bookla

It started by the middle of september I had the idea, to form a shared library between people living in the same city, I made an outline of the points and what we can do to make that happen, I estimated the work, and published a fundraising campaign on open collective to be able to fund the project.

About the Founder:
Omar Shaban is a software architect and software engineer with a passion for programming and open source. He began programming as a youngster in 2001. He is the lead maintainer …