Active Newcomers

Volunteering for new perspectives

THE GOAL – Create opportunities for newcomers to shape their communities

Many people who are new to Germany would like to participate and be involved in their communities. We think that's great!

However, many still lack information and personal support to get started. We are here to change that: Active Newcomers supports refugees and migrants in Berlin with their start into volunteering and social engagement.

Engagierte Newcomer

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Dieses Projekt wird aus Mitteln des Asyl-, Migrations- und Integrationsfonds kofinanziert

Engagierte Newcomer

THE IDEA – Work together to shape our society

Newcomers and locals work together for a good cause and get to know each other personally. The newcomer volunteers experience firsthand how people in Germany live, work, and communicate. They re-apply their unique talents to a new context and develop valuable skills while making new friends.

And the best part is: social volunteering is easy and bypasses all bureaucratic hurdles. Newcomers can start right away!

For newcomers

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For social projects

Does your organization want to support newcomers but you are not quite sure how?

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THE PROGRAM – What does “Active Newcomers“ offer?

  • Information: We inform newcomers about the various possibilities to get involved in community projects and initiatives through a volunteering activity.
  • Qualification: We prepare both newcomers and German social organizations for their joint volunteering experience. We offer supporting trainings as well as personal coaching and consulting.
  • Access: On newcomers explore a variety of volunteering opportunities. We are the matchmaker: We find the best match based on their skills and interests. Then we connect them to the people on the ground.
  • Personal support: If you are a newcomer volunteer, we connect you with your favorite social projects that work on the causes that are close to your heart. We assist you with personal coaching and mentoring.

OUR TEAM – Your contacts for “Active Newcomers“

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Thomas Noppen

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Olga Evdokimova

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Laura Bohnhoff

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Antonia von Trott

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Louiza Charalambous

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Nashwa Abdou

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Amina Khawaja

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Paul Miller

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Joana Schanze

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Stella Griefahn

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Sarah Brandmeier

Send us an email: [email protected] or a WhatsApp message (+49 176 8609 7680)

CHALLENGE & OPPORTUNITY – Overcome isolation, enable active participation

For more than one million refugees and migrants living in Germany the biggest challenge is integrating into society and at work. Bureaucratic hurdles make a quick integration difficult. Many newcomers find themselves in a situation of relative isolation, which is enhanced by living conditions in shelters and language barriers.

Volunteering offers an opportunity to overcome this isolation, without any complications or administrative hurdles. Newcomers can develop new relationships and gain experience in dealing with German work environments. The numerous contacts to German native speakers help to improve language competences. Getting socially engaged provides newcomers with an opportunity to break out of their psychologically draining situation and once again put their individual abilities to meaningful use.

It's a win-win: Refugees and migrants bring in new ideas and specific knowledge, which has a high relevance for many projects in the social sector.