The difference is you. We help you to help others.

Our mission

We give everyone the opportunity to be there for others and make a contribution to society

  1. Involve everyone – We motivate as many people as possible to volunteer and transform their unique potential into social action.
  2. Support social initiatives – We support non-profit initiatives working with volunteers and help them realize their social projects.
  3. Activate companies and their staff – We remind businesses of their social responsibilities and help them to get active.
  4. Integrate refugees and migrants – We help newcomers to participate in society through volunteer work and prepare them for the job market.
  5. Establish a new volunteering culture – We encourage an active society in which everyone contributes and shapes our community.

What we do

We connect volunteering projects with people who want to help.

  • For volunteers – Discover the whole variety of volunteering activities. Find a project that matches your skills and interests. Get active with one click.
  • For organizers – Present your project to a wide audience. Find suitable volunteers, supporters and collaboration partners.
  • For businesses – Find out how your company can help. Connect with the most impactful corporate volunteering projects.

Our story

Your dedication inspired us

Malte Bedürftig founded GoVolunteer in August 2015 – motivated by his own experience as a volunteer.

GoVolunteer was born when Malte noticed the desire to help that many citizens showed when a large number of refugees arrived to Germany in 2015. Malte, a seasoned volunteer himself, was inspired by the fact that so many people were ready to do something for those in need. But he also observed that the huge readiness to help was losing its power because many potential volunteers didn’t know where to start, what to do, or how to get active. So he began to pair those who wanted to volunteer with the initiatives which needed support. This was the first seed of GoVolunteer, a go-to place where everyone could find out where help was needed and learn how they could make the best contribution with their individual skills and interests.

From the start, Malte and his team members believed that many small donations of personal time would build up to a significant impact, and that only through a widespread culture of participation could big societal challenges like integration be mastered. Newcomers and locals would have to meet and get to know each other. How better to achieve this than by motivating both sides to work together for a common goal? Today, GoVolunteer is making this idea a reality by offering everyone the opportunity to take action and to make a difference through meaningful volunteer work.

Our values

10 values guide our interaction with all human beings.

We believe in freedom and equality.

  • We meet people at eye-level – Everyone deserves our respect and human compassion. We treat humans as equals, independent of their geographic or cultural origin, nationality, religion, education, sex, position, wealth, or lifestyle.
  • We value and promote diversity – Being different is valuable for our community and should not scare us. The diversity of our people makes us more supportive, interesting and creative.
  • We are modest – We believe in what we do. But we do not consider ourselves superior to people that follow other goals in life.

We are caring and respectful.

  • We support each other – We work as a team and care for one another. We are successful as individuals if our team is successful. If someone needs help, we offer a hand.
  • We respect different opinions – Everyone deserves to be heard. We do not dismiss someone else's opinion because it follows a different line of argument. We try to understand and remain respectful, even in disagreement.
  • We develop together – We love to learn and we all have something unique to give to others. Apprenticeship and mentoring help us to develop and grow as people and professionals.

We aspire to make an impact on society.

  • We believe in collaboration and exchange – We have no competitors, only collaborators. We are open to partnerships and share our knowledge with everyone who shares our goals. In joining forces we can create bigger impact for the benefit of all.
  • We keep on innovating and welcome change – Nobody is always right, and no solution remains right forever. To face up to the most pressing social challenges, we are ready to constantly reinvent ourselves and discover new paths.
  • We are honest and independent – We are impartial. Our organization will not be influenced or utilized by particular interest groups. People can trust us to always share our perspectives to the best of our knowledge, following only our conscience.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards – In all our professional proceedings, GoVolunteer as an organization and all of us as its representatives commit to an impeccable ethical behavior. If ever in doubt, we rather abstain.

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