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Wie erreicht unser Projekt sein Ziel?

Our project goal is achieved by getting volunteers to take part in our set projects.

You can for exampleA volunteer makes valuable role as a teaching volunteer will make a significant impact on the lives of children in local schools with limited resources, help build their confidence and individual potential outside the classroom.

Wofür werden Helfer*innen gebraucht?

Whether you want to volunteer abroad by teaching during your gap year, career break, or vacation you will have a role to play, and your efforts will make a lasting impact. The teaching placement is in kindergarten, lower grades and primary schools in Nangabo sub-county, in the pri-urban areas of Kampala City. Volunteers with personal experience in special education can also bring their skills and initiatives to bear as they help create lesson plans and activities for their unique lessons. You wi…


Über Saint Ann Foundation

Saint Ann Foundation (SAF) operates in rural Uganda, with a special focus on children, girls and women, Economic Empowerment, improving educational opportunities, child protection (prevention and treatment of child abuse), nutrition/feeding, and Health (SRHR & WASH) to the least privileged. This focus extends beyond providing school supplies to students; in order to increase opportunity for these at-risk children, the SAF develops inclusive programs designed to make all community members agents …