Mentor at ReDI School

  • Berlin
  • ReDI School of Digital Integration

Worum es geht

  • Flucht & Migration
  • Engagierte Newcomer
  • Corporate Volunteering
  • Ausgezeichnetes Engagement

Was gebraucht wird

  • Beraten & Coachen
  • Betreuen & Begleiten

Sprachen im Projekt

  • Englisch
  • Arabisch

Wie erreicht unser Projekt sein Ziel?

Our mission at ReDI School is supported by the tech community across Berlin, who teach, mentor and support our students along the way.

Whether you are a developer, student or a professional in another field, whether you have a lot of time or only little, there is a way for you to get involved.

​We are looking for a variety of volunteers who can bring their professional experience to help our students grow.

Wofür werden Helfer*innen gebraucht?

As a mentor you will help current students either with their coursework or with career support, e.g. preparing them for the job market by writing better applications. Sharing your own valuable experiences is very welcome!

Want to know more? Contact us! :)


Über ReDI School of Digital Integration

ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit digital school for tech-savy newcomers in Berlin. The school offers its students free, high-quality training and the chance to join the startup and digital industry.