Mare Liberum

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Worum es geht

  • Flucht & Migration
  • Demokratie & Menschenrechte

Was gebraucht wird

  • Organisieren & Planen
  • Finanzen & Fundraising

Sprachen im Projekt

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Wie erreicht unser Projekt sein Ziel?

Mare Liberum is monitoring human rights in the Aegean Sea by ship. The aim is to observe, document and draw public attention to the dangerous situation at the European border between Turkey and Greece and to strengthen solidarity and fundamental human rights.

Wofür werden Helfer*innen gebraucht?

For the project we are looking for long-term support in Fundraising! These are the tasks:
- Develop a new fundraising strategy
- Provide assistance to the organization in identifying donor resources, raising funds and writing proposals for long-term organizational sustainability.
- Compile and maintain a database of international and local donor organisations
- Regularly monitor donor websites and identify and inform donor opportunities matching the work of the organization
- Undertake independe…


Über Mare Liberum e.V.

We are a Berlin based non-profit-association founded in 2018 by a transnational collective of activists. With our ship MARE LIBERUM (pleasure craft) we monitor human rights in the Aegean Sea, mainly off the coast of Lesvos. Our vessel is operated by a crew of five people who combine a variety of skills and knowledge, such as nautical, engineering, media, human rights advocacy, research expertise and experience in search and rescue operations.

Our crew at sea can rely on a back-office structure …