German Speaking Fundraiser for PROJECT-E.

  • Berlin

Worum es geht

  • Feminismus & Gleichberechtigung
  • Bildung & Sprache
  • Online-Volunteering

Was gebraucht wird

  • Schreiben & Übersetzen
  • Finanzen & Fundraising

Sprachen im Projekt

  • Deutsch
  • Englisch

Wie erreicht unser Projekt sein Ziel?

We require a German Speaking Web-Based Fundraising volunteer to work remotely from the location of their choosing, as part of PROJECT-E Team International’s Fundraising department. This project is ongoing and will require you to support our fundraising team to generate donation opportunities.

Wofür werden Helfer*innen gebraucht?

Fundraising/Sales experience.
Previous experience writing fundraising applications.
Confidence with the ability to talk to people over the phone and approach potential donors or contacts via email/LinkedIn.
Excellent written communication skills.
Experience in the charity sector or exposure in an INGO (Desirable, but not essential).
A proactive and independent working style.
Excellent IT skills including a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office packages.
The ability to collaborate wit…



We want to make an impact – a lasting one. Empowering Ethiopian women through education doesn’t only help those individuals but the entire society. Higher education as key to economic development and ultimately the escape from poverty – that is what we have dedicated ourselves to. Increasing the skill and knowledge level of women is our ultimate goal in order to enable them to live an independent and self-determined life.