Black Madonna for President - online volunteers

  • München
  • Ingrid Firmhofer Photojournalist

Worum es geht

  • Feminismus & Gleichberechtigung
  • Kunst & Kultur
  • Demokratie & Menschenrechte
  • Online-Volunteering

Was gebraucht wird

  • Kreativ Sein & Gestalten
  • Organisieren & Planen
  • Programmieren
  • PR & Kommunikation

Sprachen im Projekt

  • Deutsch
  • Englisch

Wie erreicht unser Projekt sein Ziel?

crowd doing a crowdfunding photo and text project
gender and race egalitarian, feminist , sex positive , political, spiritual, art project
A somewhat simple but very common definition of feminism is "equality between men and women". But we don't want to be equal to men. We want
• to live our male characteristics (Yang) like anger without being called hysterical or furious, or assertiveness without being classified as too masculine,
• the female values (Yin) to be appreciated again: sensual…

Wofür werden Helfer*innen gebraucht?

Project- and Crowdfunding Manager, Online Collaborative Tools/Crowd Doing Specialist, Graphic Designer, Financial Advisor and Researcher, Marketing Manager, Social Media Tech and Strategist, Email Marketing Manager, Public Relations Manager, VIP & Celebrity Manager, Fundraising Strategist, Video Editor, Website Manager (Squarespace, CSS), Legal Counselor
To apply for one or more of the positions, please use this form and a member of our team will contact you in 7-10 business days.


Über Ingrid Firmhofer Photojournalist

Munich Based Photojournalist
Body and Sex Positive, Political and Spiritual Direct Activist, Artist, Racial and Gender Egalist, Cultural Bridge Builder